Family Reunion Murder Mystery

Even though reunions are all about family, getting your relatives to interact can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you're trying to gather together many far-flung branches of the family tree for an all too infrequent family reunion.

A goal for family retreat organizers is to have people talking and anticipating the fun of a family get them stoked for seeing their far-flung relatives again, or even for the first time. To some, family reunions are rife with anxiety - the anxiety of meeting "random" people with only common blood between them. Some feel they are boring because it's just a bunch of people sitting around and talking. It's not just shy kids - even some adults find it hard to strike up a conversation with someone whom they don't know well, and have only seen at past family reunions, if ever.

Our murder mystery event packages are just the thing to warm up the clan! The family gathers together on the first night for a dessert reception (an earlier dinner can certainly be arranged).

Guests are encouraged to talk about their murder mystery characters that they have previously been assigned...but only to a certain extent - no need to spoil the secret! With great anticipation of the next night's zany event, the family reunion members sleep peacefully - unless a piercing screech is heard outside their room in the early morning darkness! On the second night, after a day exploring the local area or enjoying some family history discussions or in-house family activities, the family gathers IN COSTUME for an evening of hilarious hijinx as people bribe and blackmail each other in an effort to determine "who dunnit"!

The inns and lodges we work with are family owned and family friendly and perfect for family reunions in the 12 to 30 attendee size. Their locations and countless group recreation and activity options make them the ideal family reunion facilities! Only a few hours from the major metropolitan areas of the Northeast ...whether driving or flying...their accessibility is convenient. And, once your family is nestled within a comfortable family oriented country inn, they will definitely enjoy plenty of quality time together. The Country Inns and Lodges and Bed and Breakfasts and their surrounding areas all have something for everyone, which is why numerous families return year after year to enjoy their family reunions and our Deadly Fun Events!

Custom designed packages are available to accommodate your family's specific reunion needs. Our inns are eager to discuss various options with you and to give you an idea of what’s available for your family reunion.

Family Reunion Services might include:

  • Accommodations
  • Family fun group recreation activities
  • Family photo session
  • Full use of the inn and the grounds
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner provided on-site
  • Farewell brunch

Family Reunion Activities might include:

  • Golf 
  • Tennis
  • Horse back riding
  • Hiking
  • Water sports in nearby lakes
  • Boat, wave runner, kayak & canoe rentals
  • Snowmobiling
  • Ski Resorts
  • Letterboxing (an awesome family activity!)
  • Kids Arts & Crafts activities can be scheduled daily for in-house enjoyment

Please, contact us today, and let us create a family reunion event that will become future fond memories! If you survive the Murder Mystery, that is!

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