How Does The Weekend Work?

The weekend starts on Friday night with a dessert reception. While the reception is not part of the mystery per se, it is a great icebreaker and allows the guests to find out who their partners-in-crime are. Because it is only a dessert reception, it is highly recommended that you eat dinner prior to this function. You don't need to dress up for it and you don't need to act and all we request is that you don't discuss your roles in too great a detail.

Saturday morning there is a scrumptious breakfast served after which you are free to explore the Mount Snow Valley and the surrounding countryside.

Saturday evening starts with a Wine and Cheese Reception in our small dining room. All the guests are asked to be in attendence in costume and ready to deceive! Before everyone starts acting out their parts, game rules are reviewed, additional suggestions and hints are provided and all characters are formally introduced.

During the Wine and Cheese Reception, guests are encouraged to mingle and spread out around the inn in order to bribe, blackmail and, in general, be sneaky in obtaining as many secrets about the other characters as is possible. There is lots of play money to use in protecting your secrets or buying others! These secrets will come in very handy later in the evening.

Everyone is then called to dinner where the guests continue to act out their characters in whatever way they feel is most appropriate (or least appropriate as the case sometimes is!). At some point in the evening, someone dies. It might be you...or maybe you are the one who did it.

In any case, the evening continues with lots of finger pointing as the secrets slowly becomed revealed. Guests protest that they are being framed. Others protest...perhaps too much.Some people stay quiet, trying to think it all out amidst the noise and accusations. Beware of everyone!

The evening ends typically around 11pm; although some have ended as early as 10pm and some as late as 1:30am! The evening is drawn to a close with a round of secret ballot voting on who did it and why. The ballots are read out loud (so much for secret ballots!) and the murderer is revealed.

Sunday morning's breakfast is a group affair as everyone does another round of voting. This time the votes are for: Best Dressed Female, Best Dressed Male, Best Actor, Best Actress and, of course,...Most Clueless

Guests are then free to enjoy the rest of the morning before commencing their journey home.

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