Is This Right For Me?

Ahhh.... the Murder Mystery Weekend.
Lifesize version of the board game "Clue".
Crazy people running from room to room.
Screams in the night... Cackling in the corners...

Country Inns and Bed & Breakfasts have been running Murder Mystery Weekends since the concept first started way back when. The properties are usually small with unique twists and turns that lend themselves to the intimate little discussions that are part and parcel to figuring out "who dunnit". Having a Murder Mystery Weekend at a large hotel just doesn't seem...well, intimate, for lack of a better word. A Murder Mystery Weekend works best if the characters are able to meet face-to-face and one-on-one which isn't possible if the characters number in the dozens and dozens. Murder Mystery Weekends at a small establishment provide for more individualized attention and hence inclusion rather than exclusion. When the body is discovered at a Murder Mystery Weekend (and there MUST be a body for a true Murder Mystery Weekend - none of this, "Oh, Uncle Albert died yesterday and so his body has been removed." as some Murder Mystery Weekend providers will establish), everyone will be able to obtain a first hand viewing of the victim to use his/her own powers of observation.

A Murder Mystery weekend should not be a test of one's ability to memorize lines. The character packet should provide general clues, secrets and suggestions to a character's identity and purpose. Some Murder Mystery Weekend packets require the person to memorize lines, in effect, to become an actor or actress. That's too much work. The goal of a Murder Mystery Wekend is to have fun, plain and simple. Some Murder Mystery Weekends don't even provide character packets - just a circle of chairs and a hat. The Murder Mystery Weekend theme is then primarily played out by the host with minimal interaction by the actual guests until its time to accuse a character. Other Murder Mystery Weekends do provide character packets but not until the guest is actually at the property. By then it is too late to obtain a costume...and costumes are one of the prime elements of fun for a true Murder Mystery Weekend. And then there are the Murder Mystery Weekends where the property hires professional actors to do the work while you enjoy a dinner and observe. Which is fine, but...

So, when it comes to a Murder Mystery Weekend, ask the appropriate questions before committing yourself to one specific Murder Mystery Weekend. Are there actors or do I play a character? Do I have to memorize lines? Do I get to wear a costume? Do I get the Murder Mystery Weekend packet in advance? How many people will be participating in the Murder Mystery Weekend? Does the murder actually happen during the course of the Murder Mystery Weekend or has the murder already taken place prior to our arrival?

Find a Murder Mystery Weekend that fits your style and you are certain to have the time of your life...
even if your life happens to be the one that ends on that weekend!

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