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Is your goal to provide interactive, memorable, and entertaining events for your residents?

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Looking to get them fully engaged?

Well, we can help out.

Our murder mystery events are just the thing to entertain your active members and residents and create some fun, lasting memories! Think of it as a live round of Clue.

Here's How It Works

In a nut shell, the participants receive individual character dossiers a week in advance so that they have time to gather a costume if they'd like and to absorb their character details. (No memorizing is required, as the guests are allowed to carry their dossiers with them throughout the event).

On the day of the mystery, the guests gather for a rundown on rules and strategies, followed by the obligatory group photo. Once these "housekeeping duties" are finished then the game is afoot!

The guests are encouraged to mingle and spread out in order to bribe, blackmail and, in general, be sneaky in obtaining as many secrets about the other characters as possible. There is lots of play money to use in protecting secrets, or buying others! These secrets will come in very handy later on during the investigation.

At some point during the event, someone dies. Yes, one of the particpants dies and one of them did it! An investigation ensues with lots of finger pointing as the secrets becomed revealed.

The event ends with a round of voting on who the participants think "dunnit"; after which the murderer is revealed.

These events typically occur in the evening starting with a wine and cheese reception followed by a dinner. But, they can, and do, work just as well at any time of the day. They typically last about three hours (one hour reception and two hour meal).

What We Do

We provide the mystery scripts. We facilitate the overall event by working, first of all with you, the Event/Program/Activities Director, and then, as the event takes shape, with the function hall staff, the kitchen staff, and/or the caterers. Most importantly we guide the participants through an engaging evening to ensure that they are on track towards a successful conclusion.

Our primary goal is to ensure that the attendees are having a wonderful time throughout the experience and come out of it with some deadly fun memories!

Murder mystery events can be done as an overnight roadtrip to a destination country inn or they can be done on-site or locally (banquet hall, VFW post, etc.) for a standalone three hour party.

What We Would Like You to Do

We would love to speak with you in more detail on how this can be scheduled to work best for your organization and your members and residents.

So, please, do not hesitate to contact us at for more details and pricing.

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